Among the features of Tennessee's quarter were fiddles, trumpets, and guitars, which represent the most popular musical styles in the state.

Which Us State Quarter Features A Guitar Trumpet And Fiddle?

Three musical instruments - the fiddle, trumpet, and guitar - appear on Tennessee's state quarter as representations of the state's most popular types of music.Music of the mountains of east Tennessee, known for its bluegrass, is made with fiddles.In central Tennessee, Nashville is the capital of country music.

How Much Is A 2002 Tennessee Musical Heritage Quarter Worth?

It is about $0.01 apart between the 2002 P and 2002 D quarters in Tennessee.About 75 of the quarters are in uncirculated condition.The price is approximately $1.The coin is uncirculated and has an MS 63 grading.The price of an MS 65 coin is around $3 if it is uncirculated.

What’s On The Back Of A Tennessee Quarter?

.The guitar represents Nashville’s rich country music heritage.In the reverse, the 3 stars represent the 3 distinct regions of Tennessee.

What Is On The Louisiana Quarter?

Louisiana's quarter also honors the Louisiana Purchase, one of the greatest real estate deals in history.On the quarter is the state bird, the brown pelican, as well as legendary jazz music and one of the biggest real estate deals in history.

Which State’s Quarter Features A Fiddle A Trumpet And A Guitar?

Among Tennessee's most popular types of music are three musical instruments, the trumpet, fiddle, and guitar, which can all be found on its state quarter.

How Much Is The Musical Heritage Quarter Worth?

Circulated standard 2002 Tennessee clad quarters have a face value of $0.01.All coins graded higher have the same premium price.Between the 2002 P Tennessee quarter and the 2002 D Tennessee quarter, there is a difference of about $0.01.This quarter is about 75 percent uncirculated.

How Much Is A 1796 Tennessee Musical Heritage Quarter Worth?

As a rough estimate of its value, you can expect this coin to be valued at around $612.

What Is On The Tennessee State Quarter?

There is an effigy of George Washington on display.This coin depicts the first coin released in 2002 and the 16th coin in the 50 State Quarters Program.

How Many Tennessee Quarters Are There?

United States Mint program called America the Beautiful Quarters.The Tennessee national park is the first in this quarter's series and the twenty-first out of 56.

Is The Tennessee State Quarter Worth Anything?

In uncirculated condition, Tennessee quarters are worth between 50 cents and 75 cents, but only if they are worn.A substantial difference exists between the face value and the proof version of the Tennessee State quarter.

What Is The Rarest Us State Quarter?


2008-D Oklahoma

2003-P Alabama


2004-P Iowa

2003-P Missouri


2002-P Ohio

2003-P Illinois


2003-P Maine

2004-D Michigan


2008-P Oklahoma

2004-P Wisconsin

How Much Is A Tennessee 1796 Quarter?

A service that tracks coins.According to Com, Draped Bust Quarter values average $6312.This coin would have an MS+ of $93,750 in a mint state of $00 if it were certified.

How Much Silver Is In A 2002 Quarter?

Silver varieties of the 2002 Tennessee State Quarter were produced as a part of a proof set designed by John Flanagan and Donna Weaver.This series produced an estimated 888,826 silver coins.90% of the coins are made of silver, and 10% out of copper.

What Is On The Back Of A Tennessee Quarter?

On the reverse are items that have a connection with Music Heritage, including a Fiddle or Violin, an acoustic guitar, a trumpet, a music book, and a trumpet.E Pluribus Unum appears on the reverse bottom middle of all state quarters.

Is The Tennessee Quarter Rare?

Standard 2002 Tennessee clad quarters are worth only $0.01 in circulated condition.For these coins, which are graded higher, there is only one premium price.If it is uncirculated, a MS65 coin can sell for around $3.A 2002 proof Tennessee quarter with PR 65 condition would be worth around $3.

How Much Is A Tennessee 2002 Quarter Worth?

An online coin tracking service.On coin, the 2002 Tennessee State Quarter has an average value of 25 cents, one in mint state (MS+) is worth $2, and one in certified mint state (MS) is worth $1.

What Is A Louisiana Quarter Worth?

In 2002, there are two quarters of the P Louisiana quarter and two quarters of the D Louisiana quarter, each worth about $0.01.The air temperature in the room is 35 degrees.A coin with a MS 63 grade in uncirculated condition is worth about $1.On the market, coins graded MS 65 go for around $1.

Are There Any Errors On A 2002 Louisiana State Quarter?

There are no known errors on the 2002 Louisiana State Quarter.State quarters have currency value only when they are in circulation.It is possible to spend, save, or take the coins to the bank.

How Much Is A 2015 Kisatchie Quarter Worth?

In the 2015 P and D Kisatchie quarters, there is a difference of about $0.01.About 50 have not been circulated yet.None of the data is relevant.The coin is uncirculated and graded MS63.The market generally sells coins with MS 65 grades for around $1.

What Bird Is On The Back Of The Louisiana Quarter?

In the background of this quarter, wild turkeys are flying over a patch of blue stem grass and long leaf pine trees.Among the five national forests selected for the series, Kisatchie National Forest is one.






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