Who is this?

I reply:

This is James. I have been/am sent here by Ory.

Which one is appropriate, have been sent or am sent?



I was sent here.

or the present perfect:

I have been sent here.


I have been sent is ok. It present perfect passive


I am sent to bring salvation.

Do not use this form for everyday meanings.

The usual form would be the simple past:

I was sent by Ory.

the form

I have been sent by Ory.

is a bit more formal and in my view does not flow as wsatilikozelucak.com, but has the same meaning in this case.

By the way "This is John" is awkward and not natural when speaking about yourself. It would be the usual form to introduce another person. To introduce oneself, say "I am John." or "My name is John."


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