Key Concepts


The first 20 elements will be the focus of the course again.First, students will see an animation that illustrates the electron arrangement on energy levels around an atom as shown in a diagram.Each of the first 20 atoms will be described in cards with information about electrons and energy levels.Once again, they must match the cards correctly to each element.



Each student should receive one copy of the student activity sheet.Throughout the lesson plan, activities will be used as the "Evaluate" component.

About this Lesson

Make sure the 20 atom name cards are visible throughout the room.The five cards found on each sheet are necessary.This lesson is intended to follow up chapter 4, lesson 2.

Play Game #2 of Periodic Table Game, Lesson 4.3.

Have groups work together to place each card with its correct atom.

You should show students that you have 80 cards (4 for each of the first 20 elements).Introduce the cards by explaining that they each contain information about electrons and energy levels for the first 20 elements of the periodic table.Students are responsible for reading each card carefully, determining which element each card describes, and placing the card on the spot in the room that corresponds with that element.The students need to count the electrons of each atom in order to identify it.Give groups the cards once they have figured out what they need to do.


Have students look for patterns in rows and columns of the first 20 elements in the periodic table.

Display a Periodic table of energy levels for elements 1–20 on the screen and ask students to explore their activity sheets for patterns in the number of electrons within each level.

Have students look at the periods (rows that go across).

Number of energy levels in each period

How the electrons fill in the energy levels