In an amazing feat of perseverance, a Google Maps user in the UK has managed to jump through every step to register a business in order to find out What Is In Energy Drinks. No, we’re being completely serious:

I am reasonably sure that whoever lives at this residential address was attempting to use google but accidentally set up a business

“What is in energy drinks is dedicated to providing all and any information regarding energy drinks and what they contain. My goal is to educate you on the health effects ingredients in energy drinks have on the body so you can make decisions on which energy drink is best for you and hopefully choose a healthy alternative to your current drink and make you aware of the wide selection of drinks available.”

What Is In Energy Drinks?


Although this could be a very innocent mistake, there’s also a chance that this is somewhat of a legit business proposition. Albeit private, a LinkedIn account exists on behalf of what is in energy drinks at the time of writing. Perhaps we’ll be seeing Google Ads raising the awareness of what is in energy drinks next?

One thing is for sure, Google’s business registration processes need a bit of work. Here’s what prospective business owners need to do currently:

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