Paste's 40 Greatest Cops Shows of All Time got every writer excited and ready to defend their own favorite entry on the list.A G.O.A.T. can only be one (and, okay, there are 39 other really good ones too).The category was narrowed to police procedurals and/or series with detective main characters, and we skipped shows that focused on private investigators (Rockford Files, Veronica Mars, The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency will be on a future list).Check out the 40 greatest cop shows of all time and prepare to fill your Netflix queue.

40. The Unusuals

Creator: Noah Hawley Run: 2009

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39. Naked City

1958-1963 Original Run: Stirling Silliphant

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Naked City, a TV show based on the classic 1948 film of the same name, introduced a still-young TV audience to the idea that great crime stories could be seen in their own living rooms.In spite of its many imitators, the adventures of NYPD's 65th Precinct boast a lived-in, noir-esque atmosphere that keeps holding up to modern day comparison.It's fascinating to see just how much the show served as a launching pad for young talent. .While watching the show today, you can catch early work of actors who would become legends themselves sooner or later. --Mark Rozeman

38. Happy Valley

Author: Sally Wainwright First run: 2014-Present

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In dismay, I learned that no one else had chosen Happy Valley besides Shannon, who compiled the list.This is completely inexcusable, and I can think of only one explanation for it: nobody saw it; if they had, it wouldn't have been left off.Nevertheless, not watching it, since it is available on Netflix, is also unforgivable.In the first season (the second will come in 2016), the plot revolves around a kidnapping in the poor western town of West Yorkshire.Even if you commit to watching the first ten minutes, there's a 60-80 percent likelihood that you'll finish all six episodes before bedtime if you commit to watching it.You can then berate all your friends who are in the dark, as I have done to you. -Shane Ryan

37. Streets of San Francisco

Run: 1972-1977 Author: Edward Hume

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The five-season drama starred a young Michael Douglas and an older Karl Malden as a pair of police detectives from the Bay Area, solving murders and engaging in the kind of love-hate relationship that has characterized buddy cop movies and shows for decades.Douglas left the show at the beginning of the fifth season when his film career as an actor and producer took off.Although he was there, he was undeniable and handled older actor Malden as gruffly and engagingly as in his best film roles. —Robert Ham