He gained wide popularity after he was selected as the head of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in May 2015, succeeding Michele Leonhart (who was discharged after being implicated in a sex scandal).

On October 2017, he resigned as director of the Foundation, presumably due to a political move by American President Donald Trump.Rosenberg is considered an influential and effective law enforcer due to his brilliance, tenacity, and diligence in administration and law enforcement.

This article provides more details about Chuck Rosenberg's net worth and married life.In addition, you will find information on Chuck Rosenberg's personal life and his wife in this article, which is unlikely to appear anywhere else on the internet.We will keep you posted.

Who is Chuck Rosenberg?

Born to white parents in Brooklyn, Chuck Rosenberg grew up in Nassau Country (Long Island) as the only child of his family.He earned his bachelor's.with a concentration in Public Policy from Tufts University, a Master's in Politics from Harvard, and a J.D. (Juris Doctor) from the University of Virginia.His career history includes serving as a Trial Attorney for the Tax Division's Criminal Enforcement Section (1990-94).(1994-2000) he served as the Assistant US attorney in Eastern Virginia.


Rosenberg, Chuck, former acting administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration

He was appointed the Chief of Staff of the Director of the FBI, Jim Comey, from 2013 to 2015.However, it was Rosenberg who took over for Michele Leonhart as acting head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in May 2015, and he was gone all of a sudden in October 2017.

Chuck Rosenberg Net Worth 2019

Despite his impressive career, which includes a high executive position in the DEA, the 58-year-old adept and dexterous law personnel has managed to make a decent income.It has been tested several times during his tenure in authority positions in the US Administration.With Rosenberg's decent salary and source of income, his net worth has remained at a good level for many years.By 2019, Chuck Rosenberg's net worth was estimated to be 16 million dollars.


The current net worth of Attorney Chuck Rosenberg is unknown

Is Chuck Rosenberg Married? Who is his Wife? Any Children?

Mary Rosenberg and Chuck Rosenberg married in their youth, but the exact date of their marriage is currently unknown.They have two children together.The Rosenbergs have been known and respected around the world for years, but his wife and children remain a mystery to the public, perhaps for security reasons, and even their smiles have been scarcely seen in the media.


The Rosenberg family, Chuck and Matt

Who is Mary Rosenberg? Is Mary Rosenberg related to Chuck Rosenberg?

Mary Rosenberg is the wife of former DEA head Chuck Rosenberg.The wife of a high ranking US official should raise a wide range of public concerns, but her statements are scarcely reported.A curtain covers their relationship and their family life, and a thick wall of internet filters keeps her hidden from the limelight, which is presumable because of her husband's extensive career as a prosecutor and enforcer of the law.

Chuck Rosenberg Family

He is known to have two children with his wife Mary, all of whom live in Florida, US. Chuck the law practitioner is known to be a baseball fan and is said to have coached his son in the minor leagues.This image of Rosenberg conveys not only his impressive professionalism, but also his role as a benevolent and responsible parent.

Personal life

'Chuck Rosenberg' is a handsome guy with green eyes and light brown hair. He has a fair complexion.Despite being 58 years old, the charisma and energy he exudes do not diminish.It would be fair to say that he is about average in size; he stands 170 cm and weighs 72 kilograms.

Quick Facts about Chuck Rosenberg

Full nameCharles Philip “Chuck” Rosenberg
Age58 years old
Birthdate10th September 1960
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, United States
SpouseMary Rosenberg
Net worth16 Million USD
Height170 cm
Marital StatusMarried
Social MediaN/A


Former DEA head Chuck Rosenberg has a net worth of 16 million dollars, according to his biography.Chuck Rosenberg and his wife Mary live in Florida with their two children.