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Bitmoji Deluxe allows for you to take a selfie, which you can then use to design your avatar.In the builder, you will see how a specific eyebrow style looks on your avatar when you select it.


As soon as the feature is live, you'll be able to find it in your Bitmoji settings, where you can tap "change avatar style." You can also do this from Snapchat by selecting "edit Bitmoji," which will direct you to the Bitmoji app.Whenever you edit your avatar for the first time after the new feature launches, you'll be informed about the new options.

You can customize Bitmoji's avatar with different hairstyles, eyes, noses, clothes, and other basic features.Today's update expands on that and allows even more customization. .In Snap, accessories, such as make-up and earrings, can be applied to any avatar.

Snap said it gathered feedback from Bitmoji users and the internal team about new options. Snap said Bitmoji has requested more hairstyles and colors for some time.Snap said in a statement that Bitmoji Deluxe has been built since the beginning to give our community a more visual design flow with added features, as well as allow for future investments and flexibility.


Beginning today, Snapchat will roll out the Bitmoji Deluxe update to all iOS and Android users.App developers say they will continue to boost the app's user-friendliness and customizability.

Snap has added details and a comment to this update from January 30th, 9.37am ET.

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