Meet Raider Faction Leaders & Learn the Town


This quest is fairly straightforward, but there are a few things you can do right away (as well as a unique weapon offered by one of the raider leaders), so I thought I'd point them out. Porter Gage is not interested in being a leader.The shadowy twit likes to pull strings from the shadows, and Colter was a lazy twit who did nothing for Nuka-World while enjoying himself in his palace in the sky.

Meet the Three Faction Leaders

Your map should tell you where to meet them, but you cannot determine their preferences until you have passed a speech check with Gage (Any Advice? for how they would respect me).The three groups like entirely different things, even though they are all criminals at heart.For future reference, I have listed where these faction leaders can be found, as well as the location of the Nuka-World Market for convenience reasons (you will need a place to shop given the difficulty of the area) and a possible quest that could lead to a happy ending--if you pass up the golden opportunity the DLC presents to be evil!

The Pack Faction


Mason (leader)Location: Bradburton Amphitheater (location)Preferred style: No question.Wolves are feral and like strength.It goes so far that if you speak dominantly to Mason during your first talk, he will give you a special weapon - The Problem Solver.Having been made aware of my style, I tried talking to the other factions again, but this faction was the only one to pass me a weapon.

The Disciples Faction


Disciples are led by Nisha and based in Fizztop Mountain.You've met Raiders like this a thousand times before in the Commonwealth, but they're more organized in their Settlement at Nuka-World.

The Operators Faction


Mags and William Black are the leaders at the ParlorThey prefer stealth and money as their preferred styles.Crimes are the way they live, but they prefer to stay out of jail by not getting caught and committing their crimes in style.

Radiant Quests

Visit the Market


It is always fun to visit the Market area on your way to the Pack's headquarters, regardless of whether you have caps or not.They have a bit of everything, including ammunition, healing items, and weapons, though all the traders are slaves.Smart grenades don't harm the user, and a knife that doesn't take damage

Open Season Quest: It May Be Possible for a "Good" Outcome


A Warning Before Finishing The Quest

Consider doing some of the radiant quests before you turn in this quest to Gage.

Take Over Territory for Factions

As a companion, you will now be joined by Gag (see his companion perk, likes and dislikes here), but Nuka World is proving problematic.

Previous: The Overboss: Boss Battle GuideNext: You will get The Grand Tour Quest and can take over any area you like, but I recommend Kiddie Kingdom as a place to start claiming raider territory