Detroit Become Human: The Hostage – how to 100% complete chapter or demo with all endings


Those of you who are playing Detroit: Become Human demo should know that the portion of the game you are viewing corresponds to chapter 1 of the full title.

The chapter is titled "The hostage" and has us controlling an android named Connor who is negotiating with a domestic android who has taken a girl hostage and has murdered several people.

With its first chapter, Quantic Dream plunges us into Detroit: Become Human's mindset or the freedom of choice the player has to shape the story to his or her liking.

It is actually possible to unlock 6 different endings in this chapter, which we will explain in detail in this guide, so you can complete the chapter 100%.

First checkpoint – Beginning of the chapter

Observe the scene of the mother of the child being held captive as you enter the house and follow the corridor.

(Optional) Fork: it has no impact whatsoever on the progress of the level.You can unlock both options by replaying the chapter again.

Protect the fish Fish are not important Cap should be contacted.Allison

With two dialogue options available with Captain Allen, the game or chapter will change drastically.You can in any case proceed to look for clues after the conversation is over.

Look for clues

Connor can now examine the house for clues, which will create a greater range of possibilities when negotiating with the deviant android.

Observe the gun case Locate the deviant's name Review the deceased father's belongings Identify the cause of the accident Policeman's body must be examined

You are at the crossroads. Now that you know where the gun is, you can decide whether or not you want to bring it with you.If you choose this option, there are several options open to you during the next negotiation phase with the deviant android.

Take the gun from the cop Your attention is not drawn to the gun of the cop

Consequences of timing and passage to the next phase

Injured SWAT It was a waste of time Leave the house

Checkpoint – Face the android outside

In this stage, the game is saved.Exit the terrace and approach the deviant android to begin the negotiation.

Shops with the deviant

In this phase of dialogue with the deviant android, the choices that we make will be crucial to determining the ending of the chapter, and impacting the rest of the game as well.

Attempting to win over the deviant android Daniel's trust is essential to completing the negotiation.


Negotiation type: Crossroads

Approachable and friendly An approach taken from a distance

The wounded police officer crosses a crossroads

An injured policeman is on the left and you have two options:

It is you who ignores the injured cop Heal the injured police officer

The Gun: A crossroads

If you took the gun during the previous investigation phase, Daniel will ask you if you have a gun on you, and you will have a choice of how to answer.

The truth about the gun should be told I've heard you lie about the gun

A helicopter at a crossroads

At some point you will be asked by the deviant android to remove the SWAT helicopter, and you can choose what to do with it.

In your opinion, the helicopter should not be removed Helicopters should be grounded

The consequences of the negotiation

Nothing can be negotiated Don't be far away

A crossroads reckoning

You have time to decide after the negotiations are over, but you still have time to make a decision.

The deviant must be told the truth The deviant must be lied to

Regarding the epilogue of the chapter, lying to the android can lead to two different outcomes, depending on the level of trust you have built.

It's not enough that you've built trust The trust you've built is enough Sacrifice yourself

Using the gun at a crossroads

You can use the weapon in two ways if you took the gun in the previous investigation phase and you initially lied to the deviant android, claiming you were unarmed, and you got close enough to use it: either by shooting the android or intimidating it.The two options will unlock different endings, as we'll see below.

You should use the gun

Detroit: Become Human – how to unlock all the endings of the “Hostage” chapter

We will explain here how to unlock all six endings in the first chapter of Detroit: Become Human.

As Connor approaches the deviant, he is not able to stop him A dive by Connor to grab Emma ends in a fall Assault by snipers on the deviant Emma survives after Connor dies for her Connor is shot by a deviant Deviant gets shot by Connor

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